änergy Laser Shootout!

kids birthday party, laser tag team building & skirmish combat games

for kids birthday party, corporate teambuilding or private games.

Venues Available in Singapore.

The list of venues below includes a mixture of “free-of-charge” places, as well as locations that require a booking fee. These venues are recommended based on their physical location and terrain of the play area. If you would like to play at other locations, please seek permission to use the premises for laser tag games from the relevant authorities, and send (email/ fax) us the written approval at least 1 week before the actual event.

For a comprehensive listing of parks under The National Parks Board’s care, please visit their website. Here's a direct link so you can contact National Parks directly regarding permission to use your preferred park for your event/party.

Please bear in mind that locations such as Nature Parks/ Reserves (e.g. Labrador Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve), Reservoir Parks (e.g. MacRitchie Reservoir) and especially Singapore Botanic Gardens, have very strict usage rules. We have consulted the relevant authorities and recognize that laser tag games are not allowed in these venues.

One important thing to take note when playing at parks is that we must do our part in taking care of park property and nature. Stepping on, bashing through and causing harm to the flora and fauna of the parks would not only destroy these beautifully nurtured parks, but would eventually reduce the number of places we are allowed to play laser tag at. We would like to remind all players to be mindful of keeping the venue in the same or an even better state than before we used it.

These are the current preferred locations:

Bukit Purmei Hillock Park

Hillock Park Southies now have a preferred location!
please click here to see the map of Bukit Purmei Hillock Park.

Serangoon Community Park

Serangoon Community Park Brethren at the North and Central areas now have this park to play at!
please click here to see the map of Serangoon Community Park.

Clementi Woods Park (Permission is Required)

Clementi Woods Park Location: Clementi Road next to Kent Vale, along West Coast Road further from West Coast Plaza

Clementi Woods Park offers a tranquil and natural landscape with its lush green grass slopes and mature Acacia, Wormia and Tembusu trees. Little sheltered pavilions are scattered around the park to provide respite from the heat, and for you to relax and soak in the soothing ambience of chirping birds and singing crickets.

There is even a spacious double-storey restaurant (Sakura serving Jap/Chinese/Italian Fusion) housed in the park to the gastronomic delight of park-goers!

please click here to see map and driving instructions to Clementi Woods Park.

West Coast Park (Permission is Required)

West Coast Park Location: West Coast Highway intersecting Clementi Road, West Coast Park Carpark 2

The new play area is now at the entrance plaza (with a ship structure) at Area 2, near Carpark 2. Meeting point is at the Pedal-Go-Kart/ BBQ area.

please click here to see map and driving instructions to West Coast Park.