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Laser Tag Team Building

Laser Shootout! Laser Tag Teambuilding (Combat Simulation Teambuilding)

Laser Shootout! teambuilding activities are designed by Anergy Fun Engineers Pte Ltd, which has extensive experience in indoor teambuilding and outdoor corporate team building activities. Anergy has been conducting teambuilding programmes for corporate companies since early 2003. If you wish to know more about the other indoor and outdoor teambuilding programmes that we run, you may follow this link: TEAM BUILDING.

Laser Shootout! teambuilding involves getting participants in teams to complete different combat simulation scenarios. These scenarios are of increasing difficulty and will require participants to take on different responsibilities and strategies to complete the mission requirements.

Through Laser Shootout! teambuilding, we can impart values like leadership, communication, planning before execution and motivation. During debrief, we will reinforce positive behaviour exhibited by the participants and share with them on behaviour that we have observed from our other participants.

During team building sessions, participants will be given ample time to discuss and come out with a plan, delegate responsibilities and then excute their plans. Observations will be made to pick out positive behaviour to reinforce such behaviour during debrief.

Corporate Booking: Laser Tag League Tournament

If your main objective is team bonding and you only want an ultra fun and exciting activities to let your team let down their hair and have a blast of a time. We will be able to plan a fun league competition for your staff for team bonding purposes.

If budget permits, we can even help to arrange for trophies or medals for winning team players or whacky prizes like "bo-bo shooter", "most frequently respawn player" or "half past six army", just to spice up the game a little.

There is also option of whether we want to give participants rest time during their “down time” or do we want to engage them in other “side shows” when they are not involved in the laser shootout games. Again, these "side shows" can be just for fun or they can be team building activities where participants can actually learn some lessons about team work through them.


Fun Laser Shootout! For smaller group sizes

For group sizes that are as small as 10 pax, we are able to do fun laser shootout sessions. The venue can be again at one of the public parks like, Bukit Purmei Hillock Park, West Coast Park or Serangoon Community Park (these venues are our preferred venues). We can also bring the game to a park of your choice, subject to availability & approval from NParks.

Do take note that there are some parks that will not allow big groups to be there playing extremely active games, for example, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Labrador Nature Reserve & Botanic Gardens.

Oh, in our history of running the game, there have been a few instances where the building management of offices actually allowing us to play our game "FIBUA" style in the office, of course that is during a Saturday where no one is working.

"FIBUA" means "fighting in built up areas", in layman terms, it means "indoor". FIBUA shootouts differ very much from our usual "forest" or hills setting. First of all in a FIBUA enviornment like in an office, there is no mud and usually no mosquitoes (generally cleaner). Second, in a FIBUA setting you have to learn how to "clear rooms" as the spaces are being partitioned into smaller rooms or cubicals and the whole place is usually filled with right angled barriers (or walls). It is a very, very exhilarating experience and we will recommend it to anyone who has never tried "FIBUA" before. If you have tried it before, but you have not played our "bomb disposal" and "hostage rescue" scenarios in a built up area, you will have to try it out to know why we are team building specialists.

Right now, we are using the latest batch of guns for our groups, which allows us to set them to "indoor" setting (to more closely mimic the actualy behaviour of gun fire in an indoor environment), you may want to give it a shot and ask your management for permission to use your office on a weekend for a laser shootout!

Advance Laser Tag Equipment & Scenarios

With the advanced settings available on our equipment, we are also able to control the following features:

1. Friendly fire on & off
2. Near miss detection
3. Day and night missions
4. Indoor / Outdoor setting
5. Independent Gun scoring
6. Bomb Disposal *exclusive
7. Hostage Resue + bomb disarming drill *exclusive

Teambuilding Events Management

We are able to assist you with your team building event from end-to-end. We have been running such events for our clients since early 2003. We also have events partners like Sentosa Golf Club which offeres us preferred rates (the lowest seminar rates from Sentosa island) and also beach cafe BBQ partner inside Sentosa.

If you decide to run your team building off a park, we are also able to arrange for catering and sound systems should they be required.