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Laser Shootout! Birthday Party

Laser Tag Birthday Party requests are common for our Shootout! games. This is because all boys (and some girls) love to play combat shooting games!

Where can we have a Laser Tag Birthday Party?

For a minimum booking of 10 kids, we will bring our equipment right to your doorstep! However, if you rather have the kids run around somewhere else, we are able to organise a laser tag birtyday party for you at a nearby park.

Is Laser Tag Safe?

Outdoor Laser Tag equipment were initially developed for military exercises to allow soldiers to have realistic combat simulation games. Since it uses infra-red light, which has been used by household items like TV & car remote controller, PDAs , mobile phones etc., it is pefectly safe to use on the guns.

Furthermore, the equipment that we use have been tested by HSA, and have been certified to be safe for combat simulation games.

How does Laser Tag game work?

Each gun has 4 sensors connected to it; one on the barrel and three on a cable that is attached to the gun. The player holds the laser tag weapon and the other three sensors are attached to the body using an adjustable strap.

As the player runs around and shoots, the laser tag equipment electronically tracks information like how many shots have been fired, if the gun needs reloading and it is also able to warn the player of near misses and hits by other players.

All in all, the kids will have a wonderful time running around and shooting one another during the birthday party. What's more, they will also learn about working together in teams when they are taking down the enemy!

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