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Is It Paintball?

Laser tag, laser quest, paintball and laser shootout! made simple.

In Singapore, most of us are familiar with paintball, the adrenaline pumping, real-life combat game that has been around for ages. It is more real-life than the lasertag equipment that we use in at least one way:


Something actually flies out of the barrel when you play paintball. As some of us put it, when the other person is shooting, you better take cover ‘cos it hurts like hell when you get shot!

Whether you win or not largely depends on whether your outfit has been smeared with paint (oh yes, the paint pellets burst when they hit you and smears paint on you).

Paintball is a lot of fun, however, there are a few things that can we don’t like about the game:

Firstly, some thick skinned people just don’t die. After you have shot them, they will continue to fire at you until you get hit too, and that’s unfair!

Secondly, many people are not comfortable with wearing the masks provided by the venue providers due to hygiene reasons.

Thirdly, the playing fields in Singapore can only take 5 a side, which means, if you have a large group, it will take a long time to get them to participate in a league or you will have to do sudden deaths, which mean some teams will get to play one round before they are knocked out.

Fourthly, they are highly controlled by Singapore's Arms and Explosives department and can only be played in authorised playing fields, which are out of the town area.

Having said that, we will still recommend paintball for those tough men out there who enjoy a little bit of pain and do not mind getting a little messy. In Singapore, other than in the Army, you can hardly find such tough boys' games. Children, on the other hand, can’t play this game as there is a minimum age requirement of 15 and ladies should be aware that there may be bruises after the game.

Laser Tag

Probably due to the shortcomings of Paintball, Laser tag equipment were introduced in 1979. Since then it has grown in popularity in countries like USA and Australia, among others. Today, there are a few indoor and outdoor versions, with some outdoor laser tag equipment being used by military for combat simulation exercises.

Laser Quest

Laser Quest was invented in 1989 by a Canadian company with the same name to target people who want to play combat simulation games but rather not get hit by pellets. They use an indoor laser tag system which involves a handheld shooting unit with a vest. People around my age will remember the dark playing grounds in Marina Square in Singapore. They have since ceased operations in Singapore. The major disadvantage of this system is that they require a dark environment for the guns to work effectively. The range of the guns are around 20 meters (66ft) or so.

Laser Shootout! Singapore

Technology has advanced drastically since then. Today, the advanced outdoor laser tag systems used in our laser shootouts! are fully operational in sunny Singapore and the range of the weapons can go up to 381 meters (1,250 ft)!

Added features that are available include “friendly fire” setting, indoor or outdoor setting and also independent gun scoring.

No Age Limits for our Shootouts! (almost).

One of the major advantage of our Laser Shootout! is that there is NO AGE LIMIT (as it does not involve projectiles, kids as young as 5 years old can have their very own kids birthday party!).

There is also NO pain and NO mess after the game so there is no cleaning up required to keep Singapore's garden city clean. The guns are also of realistic weight for realistic combat simulation. Number of rounds, number of magazines and number of lives are all electronically controlled, so when someone is shot enough times and dies, his weapon will be deactivated and he can’t go around shooting anyone else.

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